Cultural Values and Wisdom: Spiral Dynamics

When I think about the level of wisdom manifesting in our culture today, it is difficult to see much wisdom. The truth is that broadly and deeply today both our national and global cultures are primarily knowledge and ego-based. This does not leave much room for wisdom.

The good news is that we are in the process of seeing a rapid growth of wisdom in our culture and can expect significant and even dramatic increases over the next decade or two.

Part of the basis for this optimism is work pioneered by Dr. Clare Graves and carried on by Drs. Beck and Cowan in a system called Spiral Dynamics. This will be the subject of several blogs in the near future and there will be at least one video presentation supported with old-fashioned PowerPoint slides.

Spiral Dynamics is variously referred to as “big picture psychology” and “cultural developmental map.” It outlines the change in core values and beliefs from the beginning of recorded time to well into the future.

If you would like to learn more immediately about this topic there are two books that I recommend.

First, there is the foundation book by Drs. Beck and Cowan titled  Spiral Dynamics.

Second, there is a wonderful book by Ken Wilber titled¬†The Integral Vision…… future blogs will expand on this great thinker’s contributions.

See my VIDEO overview of Spiral Dynamics by Clicking Here.

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