Developing Wisdom Requires Challenging Work

I’m going to start this posting with a quote from my guru, Yogananda.

“Ultimate wisdom is found in man’s deepest interior consciousness, his soul…… wisdom cannot be achieved by man without some sort of mental and bodily participation…….. Until the body delusion is conquered, man is totally unable to manifest wisdom…….. Once the devotedly has rid himself of the delusions of body consciousness, he is automatically freed from the necessity for action (karmic duties).”

Expanding wisdom in our life requires expanding our consciousness beyond body consciousness. The wisdom traditions are very clear that there are three major levels of higher consciousness beyond body consciousness. Using the terminology in the Gita, they are super consciousness, Christ consciousness, and cosmic consciousness.

The “mental and bodily participation” referred to in the above quote relates to the paths we can take to higher consciousness. There are at least three major paths we can take, but the path of meditation is the fastest and most powerful.

For me, daily meditation done right is the most challenging work I do in any day. It requires a level of consistent concentration that is constantly challenged by my chattering mind or what some people refer to as the monkey mind.

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