Meditation as the Path to Wisdom

Yogananda says, “No meditation, no wisdom. Wisdom is the house, meditation is the foundation.”

Recall that wisdom is intuitive inner knowing. Connecting with wisdom requires us to shift our focus from external to internal and then to quiet the chattering inner mind.

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From a personal perspective, when I first began my meditation practice with about 10 minutes of sitting is when wisdom began to emerge in my life at a faster and faster pace. Today meditation is the core activity of every day. I spend about two hours each day meditating, praying, and reading sacred text. My sense is that without it I would first stall and then start to move backwards.

While there are other ways to progress along a wisdom inspired life, the great wisdom traditions are very clear that meditation is a core required practice.

Richard Haasnoot

January 20, 2013 from Arizona.

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