Personal Wisdom part one

For most of us, our relationship with wisdom goes through a sequential process.

In the “What’s Wisdom?” section of the website, I point out two very different meanings of wisdom. The first is a definition of wisdom that is actually knowledge. Knowledge comes through our five senses that includes, for example, reading. So our first experience with wisdom is often a definition that includes things like well-educated, quality life experiences, and discriminating judgment. With this definition we might look at a person and describe them as “wise” because they meet all or most of the definition standards. In most cases our relationship with wisdom does not go much further than this when wisdom exists as knowledge.

The meaning of wisdom changes when we experience intuitive inner knowing. Wisdom as knowledge is external to us and wisdom as intuitive inner knowing is an inner experience. When you have the opportunity to experience even a glimpse of intuitive inner knowing, you understand the sharp differences between these two meanings.

Most of us start out in life understanding wisdom is knowledge. As we engage in increasingly wisdom inspired life, the meaning of wisdom fundamentally changes. The changes are profound and powerful. Wisdom as intuitive inner knowing is exceptionally practical, educational, and inspiring.

In part two I take intuitive inner knowing to a deeper level of understanding.

Richard Haasnoot in Arizona

January 8, 2013

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