Personal Wisdom, part two

Wisdom, which is intuitive inner knowing, is sometimes difficult to describe, especially when we are most familiar with knowledge. When we acquire new knowledge, our experience is usually “I didn’t know that.” Since we acquire knowledge through our five senses, when we are acquiring knowledge, we know are aware of the experience. For example, through the sense of seeing, we experience new knowledge from a book and from our sense of hearing we experience new knowledge from a speaker, like a teacher or professor.

When we acquire new wisdom, the experience is very different. Unlike the sense of discovery that is associated with acquiring additional knowledge, the acquisition of additional wisdom prompts the reaction of “Now I remember. I already know that.” Even though the new wisdom insights are provocative and profound, there is a deep sense of rediscovering something we already know.

Acquiring new wisdom can come through the experience of the five senses, like reading a book. My first experiences were when reading a wisdom insight. I experienced a deep and profound inner knowing that what I just read was true and something I was remembering. It needed no supporting logic or details. I just knew at my deepest levels that it was true. It was true beyond my knowledge that 1 + 1 = 2.

For me, the experience of deep inner knowing is a subtle but clear energy shift in my body. It’s a positive, almost joyous, and I want to smile.

Richard Haasnoot

January 9, 2013

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