Spirituality Megatrend

The latest megatrends book is Megatrends 2010. It reports that the number one megatrend is spirituality. In fact, they say, “The quest for spirituality is the greatest megatrend of our era.” The author defines five dimensions of today’s spirituality: meaning/purpose, compassion, consciousness, service, and well-being.

During the 1990s the percent of people interested in spirituality increased dramatically. In 1994 only 20% of people said that they felt the need to experience spiritual growth. By 1999 that number had risen to 78%.

Spirituality clearly includes a belief in connection to God for many, but it also includes a number of people who are aware of a universal force in our world.

The five dimensions mentioned above for many people will eventually lead to wisdom emerging in their lives and creating a wisdom inspired life. All five factors contribute to shifting the focus of life from external to internal factors.

So you consider yourself a spiritual person who is opening up to wisdom, you have lots of company!

Richard Haasnoot

January 22, 2013 in Arizona

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