Wisdom of Dolly Parton…..Yes, Dolly!

I have always been a big fan of Dolly as a singer and performer. I had the great opportunity to see her in a small venue concert where she did “He’s Alive” for her encore. For any of you that know this song, it is a stirring and inspirational song about the resurrection of Jesus. Next to “Amazing Grace” it ¬†Ais my favorite song.

Some Dolly quotes for your consideration.

  • Attitude, it’s all an attitude. Just because you fail, don’t mean you have to lose. But if you want to win, then here’s the simple truth. You have to change your attitude.
  • To me, if you’re a happy person, you love what you do, like yourself, enjoy other people, keep a good spiritual grip on things, and always pray for understanding and acceptance.
  • God and I have a great relationship, but we both see other people.


Richard Haasnoot

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