These thoughts are inspired by the writings of Leo Buscaglia in Personhood.

The wisdom traditions strongly agree with the following statement: “Egotism is seen as being at the root of all disharmony and thus the main causal factor of human suffering. For this reason, the person must strive to become egoless. With the loss of ego desires, one is also released from inner conflicts.”

Egotism is about I/my. It’s about personal interest taking precedence over the interests of other people, humanity, and our planet. This perspective is a perfect recipe for disharmony, conflict, and misery. One person’s personal interest is another persons disinterest. Egotism is about getting my way. I am seldom willing to compromise my personal interests to help you achieve your personal interests. In an ego controlled life, there needs to be something in it for me.

In my wisdom inspired life journey for the last year or so, I have been in an almost constant battle with my “misery producing ego.” The first step in my awareness was recognizing that the root cause of misery and disharmony was my ego. This contrasted sharply with living life through expanded consciousness and intuition, which is universally peaceful and joyful. A small second step forward was being able to see my ego in action from the perspective of being an observer. I would frequently say to myself, “There you go again.” The benefit of this observation is to intervene more quickly to stop the shenanigans that my ego perpetrates on my life.

I am resolute in slaying my ego’s control of my conscious life. The goal is to subjugate my ego to the guidance and control of my soul.

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