See Love’s Light Energy

This is not my usual kind of posting, but I find it rather fascinating.

Harry Oldfield has developed very advanced forms of Kirlian photography. He was asked if this advanced form can see different states of mind and emotions. His reply follows:

“Well, if someone’s thinking loving, positive thoughts or is in a state of elevated consciousness such as in meditation the colors brighten and expand an even flood out even into the environment. However, when a person is depressed the colors and the energy field contracts and become denser and dark. You’ve heard the saying that someone has a dark cloud over them – well we’ve actually seen a dark cloud of energy hanging over a negative depressed individual.”

While the vast majority of us cannot “see” these kinds of energies, we can, if we are in the present moment, sense them at some level. What we are sensing is the electromagnetic energy, both the quantity and quality of that energy.


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