Slaying the Ego and I-ness

For the last couple of years, I have become acutely aware of my misery producing ego. When I really pay attention, I observe the negative and not so feeling good energy in my body when the ego has center stage. Strangely enough, even thoughts and feelings the ego considers good tend to create their own kind of misery.

Yogananda, my guru, writes about the need to stop living life from the perspective of the ego and start living life from the perspective of the soul.

  • “The actions of selfish men spring from desires born of ego hopes. The divine man works neither at the dictates of egotism nor at those of selfish desires; he is devoid of I-ness, the idea of ‘ I am the doer.'”
  • ¬†“The Gita stresses the renouncement, repeated so often! of ego consciousness, material hopes, and desires, because these renew the roots of cancerous longings that devour the soul’s peace. The roots of unfulfilled desires and frustrated expectations sprout into worries and misery making reincarnations.”

Shifting from an ego controlled life to a soul controlled life, while  excruciatingly difficult, delivers levels of happiness and joy unimaginable by the ego. For me, it is worth the battle.

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