Yes, UFOs.

In my most recent book, My Wisdom Inspired Life, I share my experiences with UFOs. I share them in the literal sense of UFOs, that is, they are unidentified flying objects. I have some reason to believe they are indeed spacecraft from other nearby plants, especially Mars. More on this in a moment.

Leslie Kean is one of the leading UFO researchers in America today. Her book on UFOs, published in 2010, was a New York Times bestseller. Recently in an interview she came to the following very objective conclusion.

“I have come to the conclusion that, number one, there is a real physical phenomenon taking place. We know it is physical because it shows up on radar, leaves marks on the ground, has been photographed and has affected aircraft. There is no doubt that there is something physical there.

The other conclusion is that it appears to be under intelligent control a lot of the time and how it operates and maneuvers. It also seems to demonstrate a technology that we do not have or are familiar with in terms of our capabilities. We have hypotheses as to what they might be, but we do not have a definitive scientific explanation. That’s what we need to solve it, but we have a genuine mystery here that needs to be attended to by our best scientists. We need to try to get to the bottom of what it really is.”

There are very evolved beings on our planet today who unequivocally state that these are spacecraft primarily from Mars and Venus. Furthermore, they visit Earth with the purpose of helping us with some of our major problems, like environmental pollution and global warming. Of course, today there is no independent way of verifying these statements. You can read my book for my own experiences with UFOs.

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