Waking up from the Dream

Dreams are tenacious because they can seem very, very real. During sleep subconscious dreaming can take on an exacting and convincing reality. Even when we move from the subconscious to waking consciousness, the subconscious dream we are leaving can still seem very real.

Waking up from this conscious dream we live in, is neither fast nor easy. The wisdom traditions are clear that the path of meditation is the fastest way to expanding our consciousness first two super consciousness, then took Christ consciousness, and then to cosmic consciousness.

People like Ken Wilber who have been able to live in super consciousness provide a rather interesting perspective on our everyday waking consciousness. Ken describes that from super consciousness he observe the waking consciousness and subconscious states simultaneously. One of the aspects of super consciousness is to view our current reality from the perspective of an observer.

Each expansion of consciousness significantly expands our access to wisdom through our intuition.

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