Wisdom and Intelligence

The wisdom traditions often referred to a difference between intelligence and wisdom. They will refer to intelligence as the lower mind and wisdom the higher mind.

Yogananda comments nicely on the relationship between intelligence and wisdom in the following quote.

“Wisdom never lies.”* Soul wisdom is revealed to man through the agency of intuition, direct perception of truth, not by amassing knowledge through the intellect. The seeker after wisdom should understand the difference between intuition and man’s limited faculty of intelligence.

Human beings have perception and intelligence to understand the world of objects; the soul is endowed with the power of intuition to understand not only the world of objects, but also all inner psychical phenomena and their intrinsic spiritual nature. Intelligence interprets phenomena, the outward appearance of things; intuition reveals the underlying noumena (object or event known without the use of the senses).

* Homer, Odyssey, III

Western science has done considerable research on intelligence and virtually none on intuition. Intuition exists in all of us although it is latent in most of us. Intuition can be developed and meditation is the best way of doing so. Meditation creates inner calmness which is an important and helpful prerequisite to connecting with and developing our intuition.

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