What If I Am Not the “Doer,” But GOD is the “Doer”?

What if I am not the doer, but God is the doer?

First, my ego rebels. “What do you mean that I am not in charge?!” My ego reminds me that it is the producer, director, and star of my life. It makes all the decisions. Even when others appear to make decisions for me, it is my decision, the all-powerful ego, that decides if it will accept the decisions of others.

But what if……….

Does that mean that my fate is predetermined and I am just along for the ride in this life? Am I just a puppet on the stage of life?

Yes, the wisdom traditions are unanimous in their message that this reality is really an illusion and much more like a movie. Even every quantum physicist I have ever read concludes that there is no solid matter in our world. Everything we see is vibrating electromagnetic energy apparently “frozen” into forms. People like Ken Wilber report that from the perspective of super consciousness that ¬†they see this waking consciousness we call reality as being like a dream or a movie.

While my ego strongly protests, I cannot ignore the weight of all this wise evidence.

So if God is the Producer and Director of this movie I currently call reality, what is my role?

Obviously I am an actor in this movie. Since I want to play my role as an actor well, I would be best served if I acted in accordance with the wisdom of the Producer and Director. Thus, as this movie unfolds I should say and do things in accordance with God’s wisdom script. Since it is just a movie, I can let go of the deep emotional attachments that my ego loves so much. Instead I can shift my focus to the well-being of the rest of the cast in this movie.

This sounds like this could be a lot of fun! That is, fun in the sense of living a wisdom inspired life instead of an ego directed life. Fun in the sense that living life with love and compassion is so deeply, deeply rewarding. Fun in the sense that my soul blossoms as the darkness of ego vanishes and is replaced by pure light.

What if……

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