God: President, CEO, And Director of This Play We Call Life.

WARNING: Your ego will probably have a strong “allergic reaction” to what you are about to read. Your ego will try to convince you that it is the director and, therefore, in charge of your life.

The wisdom traditions* are very clear that God created this experience we call life. He did not just create it and then let it evolve on its own. He is unquestionably the Director of this play we call life.

There is very ample confirming testimony to this fact from humans who have achieved God realization/self-realization/true enlightenment. Yogananda clearly states that man “…. was not created by his own will but by divine decree.” He goes on to add, “…so man must realize that his own happiness lies, not in pleasing men….. but God, the Earth’s sole President and Owner!”

As actors in this play we call life, we can play our roles well or not so well. We play our roles well when we live in accordance with Divine laws, like the injunctions to live life guided by love, compassion, and service to others. We are rewarded when we play our roles well with positive karma. When we play our roles not so well, the ego dictates self-serving, manipulative and deceitful, and hateful behaviors to name a few. We are “rewarded” for playing our roles this way with negative karma.

This play we call life comes our way every day. The greatest rewards to others and us come when we play the role we have been assigned in this life guided by the universal Divine laws. It requires living in the moment, the proverbial power of now.

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