Intuition: Clear, Truthful Insight…Much, Much Better Than Knowledge

I have written previously on the difference between intuition/wisdom and knowledge. In this posting I want to elaborate in a way that hopefully positions intuition as the guiding light of trusted insights we can use to confidently live a wisdom inspired life.

For the vast majority of us, intuition only manifests when we are inwardly calm. That is why  those famous intuitive moments like showering or running occasionally prove intuitively productive. It helps even more if we proactively cultivate inner calmness through meditation.

The challenge for many of us is when an intuitive insight emerges into our awareness, the intellect or judgmental mind often jumps in an attempt to overrule the intuitive insight. This is a powerful force because we are far more accustomed to defining reality and making decisions guided by our intellect and feelings; far more than we are letting intuition guide a wisdom inspired life.

Intuition reveals true wisdom. As such, it dispels doubt, confusion, and just not knowing. Doubt, confusion, and just not knowing are the never-ending products of knowledge, a product of the lower mind. Knowledge is highly changeable as we discover new facts and interpretations of facts. Intuition, on the other hand, is never changing unless we subject it to the intellect or judgmental mind. In its pure form, intuition reveals universal wisdom.

For me, when intuition increasingly makes its presence known in my life, there is a certainty about the wisdom that vastly exceeds my knowledge that 1 + 1= 2.

For me, living a wisdom inspired life is the penultimate experience so far on this journey.

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