Ultimate Happiness The Book…Why I Wrote It

My fifth book is Ultimate Happiness: Best Proven Western and Eastern Insights about How to Be Happier Today.

Quoting from the book, I shared my reasons for writing this book.

“First, there was no book that combined the best of Eastern and Western understandings about how to become ultimately happy.”

“Second, there are many books that provide recommendations about “what” you can do to be happier, but very few that then help you with “how” to use the “what” to actually become happier. Sure, there are many personal growth books but they also tend to focus on only one or two very specific practices. Achieving the important goal of becoming ultimately happy requires numerous practices integrated into a proven program of five sequential steps, which are detailed in Chapter 15.”

I go on to share a small part of the process I went through in writing Ultimate Happiness.

“What I have learned through almost two decades of intensive study is reflected in this book. I deeply believe in the substance that makes up Ultimate Happiness. It represents the best of the proven and practical wisdom about happiness. There is nothing in this effort that I have personally invented. Instead, I have drawn from the best Eastern and Western teachings and research to integrate for the first time the best of the known. The focus of this book is on the best proven and practical understandings that contribute to helping us achieve ultimate happiness. Enjoy!”

In a series of occasional blogs I will share some key insights from this book. Of the six books I have written, I deeply believe it is the most immediately helpful book I have ever written for those want to be happier……. and I think all of us want and need to be happier.

If you’d like to buy it in paperback or in a Kindle version you can do so at Amazon. It is priced below my cost so everyone can have the opportunity to read it if they choose to do so.


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