Ultimate Happiness–The Inner Experience

This is another in a series of key points I’m sharing from one of my six books and the one that I think can be most helpful to the most people. The book is Ultimate Happiness, Best Proven Western and Eastern Insights About How to Be Happier Today.   It is available on Amazon in paperback in Kindle versions that are priced below my cost.

Happiness is an inner experience. The following are some quotes from my book describing the center experience.

  • When we achieve ultimate happiness, we are very peaceful. My primary life teacher advises people to be “actively calm and calmly active.” When we are inwardly calm, we can venture into optimally rewarding and productive activity.
  • When we live ultimate happiness, thoughts and feelings of love dominate our experience. We experience a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for all of life. There is a sense of awe and wonder for all of creation. We feel connected to everyone and everything.
  • When we live ultimate happiness, we experience a deep compassion for all of life. Compassion goes beyond empathy to a desire to relieve the suffering of others. That desire inspires actions to actually help reduce the pain others feel.

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