Mental Telepathy

Most of us have had experiences of knowing what someone is thinking or about to say even before they say it. We know telepath is real, but were not quite sure what it is.

Meta-analysis conducted in the field of quantum physics has concluded beyond a shadow of a doubt that mental telepathy is indeed a reality. After all, thoughts and words are forms of energy. As beings of pure electromagnetic energy, it is no surprise that we are connected energetically.

A quote from the Ageless Wisdom: “True telepathy, however, is a direct mental communication from mind to mind, and in its more advanced expression is a communication from soul to soul, using the mind later as a formulator of the communication, as in the case of inspiration.” It goes on to say, “Some day the true telepathic communication and vision will take the place of speech and of writings.” This perspective from the Ageless Wisdom is confirmed by other major wisdom traditions.

For most of us with a barely developed mental telepathy, it occurs randomly and sporadically. We can gradually develop it by turning our awareness from the external to the internal, primarily through meditation, and by being present, in the now.

I hope this helps, Richard.

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