Us humans with our strong egos, like to believe that we are in charge and even that we can control our future.

The wisdom traditions make it very clear that egos are not the “real us,” and to make progress towards self realization/enlightenment we ultimately need to let go of the ego. For an ego-based person, letting go of the ego is a very scary proposition. What replaces it? The good news is that when through lots of hard work we let go of the ego, we reconnect with our soul which is the source of our wisdom.

Back to destiny. Wisdom traditions make it clear that God predetermines a “great extent of the happenings” in our life. What we experience in this life is largely defined by personal and mass karma in conjunction with God’s “screenplay” for this thing we believe is reality that is really a dream.

Having said this, God has given us the gift of free choice. With this we can change ourselves and change the environment around us. When we exercise free will we are exercising that image of God in man.

As “actors” on the screen of life, we create positive karma and progress spiritually when the words we speak and the actions we take are guided by wisdom, not ego.

The bottom line lesson: exercise free will wisely and experience more happiness and greater spiritual progress. As much of our destiny that is controlled by God and previous choices/karma, free will is real and makes a difference.

Thank you, Richard

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