Characteristics of Wisdom from the Gita

This is as concise and as complete a summary as you will find anywhere. Wisdom is…..

  • A sage who is marked by humility, a lack of hypocrisy, harmlessness, forgiveness, uprightness, service to the guru, purity of mind and body, steadfastness, self-control.
  • Attachment, non-identification of the Self with such as one’s children, wife, and home; constant equal mindedness in desirable and undesirable circumstances.
  • Indifference to sense objects, absence of egotism, understanding of the pain and evils (inherent in mortal life): birth, illness, old age, and death.
  • Unswerving devotion to God by the yoga all non-separatistness, resort to solitary places, avoidance of the company of worldly men.
  • Perseverance in Self knowledge; and meditative perception of the object of all learning – the true essence or meaning therein. All these qualities constitute wisdom; quality supposed to them constitute ignorance.

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