The War and the Battles.

Anyone who is meditated for several months or maybe even a year recognizes the struggle to remain in the present. Beyond question it is a battle day-to-day in the bigger war of achieving victory through self realization or, as it is more commonly called, enlightenment.

It is a spiritual war between wisdom and ignorance. It is the psychological combat between intelligence and sense consciousness. It is a bodily war between self-control and harmful sense indulgence.

The ego and mind would like to establish the body as a kingdom of sense pleasures. On the other hand, the desire of the soul is to fight the material inclinations and to establish in the body the Divine kingdom of God.

We are not without “armaments” in these battles and the longer-term war. In the beginning we have our faith in God that over time grows into knowing God. We have our will power which seems ebb and flow day-to-day. We have proven practices like meditation and kriya yoga. As in most battles, we also need a commitment to win and persistence that delivers on that commitment.

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