Mystery Solved!

Most of us don’t know where we really came from, why were here, and what lies ahead before death.

With mystery everywhere and death definitely ahead of us, for some reason we don’t believe it’s necessary for a deep investigation of what life really is.

Everyone can solve the mystery through meditation on God. Wisdom avails itself to us through the opening of the “spiritual eye.” Wisdom reveals much, but at its heart we realize that God is the Doer, the sole Power. With this realization we learn that life is a dream created by God from which we need to wake up from. When we wake up, the need to reincarnate and go through the cycle of misery and happiness ceases to exist.

Clearly there’s a lot of work involved in “waking up.” But in its essence, the mystery can be solved this easily.

(Inspired by verse 10, chapter 15 of the Gita.)

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