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Obviously this website is about wisdom. There are many differences between wisdom and knowledge. We gather knowledge from our external world using our five senses. Wisdom comes from our inner experiences through inner knowing or our intuition, which is the voice of our soul.

At its core, wisdom is true for all. There are many wisdom traditions and their associated teachers – Christianity and Jesus, Buddhism and Buddha, Hinduism and Krishna, Self Realization Fellowship and Yogananda, Yoga Sutras and Pantanjali  to name a few of the better known ones. While they use different words, the teachings are all the same. Unfortunately, even well-intentioned, unenlightened humans interpret the core teachings to create dogma that wanders from the core teachings. I make no attempt through this website to “improve” or “interpret” the original teachings of these great Masters. For a devotee  like myself who is stumbling along the spiritual path to try and “improve” on these teachings would be pure idiocy and foolishness.

The personal point of view that you will find on this website comes in the sharing of my story through my sixth book, My Wisdom Inspired Life, A Provocative True Story.   It is a story about looking back at the events in my life and connecting the dots of those events. This revealed a clear picture of the path I was on in the past, today, and where I’m headed in the future. Put another way, the process I used and share in this book revealed my essential life purpose.  My intent is not to suggest that there is anything special or unique about my life, but rather that understanding our life purpose through connecting the dots of our life brings real meaning and direction to our life.

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