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    When this series of books began, they made a big media splash. Was the author really talking to God? When you read the books, it felt like the dialogue could only occur with an unearthly source. While there are certainly many alternative unearthly sources (channeled astral entities and divas, for example), I have always found it best to engage the dialogues in the books with a sense of openness.

    There are wisdom insights and inspirations to be experienced in these books. These insights and inspirations can sometimes play a pivotal role in shaping and directing our journeys.

    For me, I do not give the dialogues the assumption that they are from God since it is open to some speculation and debate about the actual source. Instead, I rely on my wisdom mind and inner knowing to harvest those insights and inspirations that are most helpful to me.

    My hope is that in this forum many people can share their relationship with this series of books and the ways in which it has helped them along their wisdom inspired lives.

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