Anger Understood

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    Quote from the book…

    “Anger arises from non-fulfillment of desires, good or bad. Obstruction of good desires gives birth to righteous anger; hindrance of evil desires rouses a destructive and unreasonable wrath.”

    “Righteous indignation may inspire a man to extraordinary efforts to right some wrong. A righteous anger employees reasonable and constructive methods for the attainment of a good end. But egotistical anger blinds a man so that he becomes increasingly irrational in trying to fulfill his obstructed desires. Unrighteous anger causes a man to lose his inner balance. Through anger, many men have been unwillingly and suddenly turned into criminals and murderers, and doers of sundry ungodly actions. All unenlightened men are subject to the inner and outer wrath of non-fulfillment of desires.”

    “The psychological effect of anger is equally acute, and spiritually lethal. It stupefies the mind, anesthetizing its functioning power. At this stage, strong motor impulses of anger are very apt to overrule the rational guidelines set by the normal psychological state……. A man who in his sane moments could never dream of injuring anyone, may become abusive and violent under the motor paroxysm of anger.”

    Thought: as wisdom increasingly emerges to inspire our lives, the foundation of balance and peace increases, making the moments and intensity of anger gradually diminish.

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