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    Quote: “Every time you say a negative word to yourself or make yourself wrong, your emotional body changes its vibration and your energy drops. When the vibration becomes lower your magnetism changes and you attract to yourself people and events that amplify this drop in energy. Once you take responsibility and a tune your awareness to higher thoughts, creating joyful images in your mind, you can raise the vibration of your emotional body.”

    Make no mistake about it, we are beings made up entirely of energy. That energy has a certain vibration rate. As personal awareness increases, we first become aware of good and not so good energy. As we build on this awareness, we can come to know that even relatively small shifts in emotional energy can fundamentally change our overall energy.

    Please do not underestimate the power of positive thoughts to increase your vibrational rate, making you happier, and attracting more of that energy to you. Over the years the power of positive thinking has become well understood and appreciated. More recently, Tony Robbins as powerfully accentuated this thought as a part of his life-changing programs.

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