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    Occasionally I will add perspective from other Buddhist masters in this forum. Today I’m sharing a couple of insights from The Joy of Living, Unlocking the Secret and Science of Happiness.

    Quote: “Buddhist practice guides us very gradually to let go of habitual assumptions and experiment with different questions and different points of view. Such a shift in perspective isn’t as difficult as it might seem.”

    with all due respect, this is easy for a Buddhist master to say! Greater success in living a wisdom inspired life does require letting go of  “habitual assumptions and experiment with different questions.”  It isn’t until we are challenged by a very different view of a world that we assume we know pretty well that we are confronted with how difficult this is.

    For example, the wisdom traditions and quantum physics are unanimous in knowing that there is nothing solid in our world. Everything is vibrating electromagnetic energy “frozen” into form displayed on an ether screen. Now that’s mind snapping, but also true. For the vast majority of us it certainly does challenge our habitual assumptions! The challenge is so great that we understandably reject this new understanding of our world. That is largely because we rely on our five senses and knowledge to understand our world. We gradually wake up and realize that those tools and assets are, in actuality, grossly inadequate. The new “power tools” to understanding our world are expanded consciousness and highly developed intuition. That’s what the wisdom inspired life journey is all about.

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