Knowing a Good Psychic When You Hear One.

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    At a much earlier stage of my wisdom inspired life journey, I engaged in a deep exploratory of psychics. Fortunately at the time I was living in Northern California where there appears to be no shortage of psychics.

    As I experimented with many different people claiming to be psychics, I discovered that most are either very inept or charlatans. Some are very, very good at knowing information that cannot be known through normal processes.

    Here are some of the characteristics I have found in the best psychics I worked with. First, many but not all have a spiritual practice of some kind. It can range from eastern meditation to Native American shamans. Second, they have the ability to be very present in the current moment and to calm their inner chatter. This enables them to “hear” better. Third, as a person listening to a psychic you need to be in a special calm and centered place yourself. To the greatest extent possible, you need to have your inner knowing “turned on.”

    I have found it best to ask very open-ended questions. For example, when asking a psychic about a family member and they are looking at a picture of the person, I asked the question “As you look at (name) what do you see?”

    In evaluating the responses you are getting, it is common to evaluate the factual accuracy. You also need to evaluate a response on the basis of how it feels to you. If it feels uplifting and positive there is a good chance that it is positive. If there is no reaction or a negative one, you need to, as best you can, see if your ego does not like the answer.

    Over the years when I have needed psychic perspective I have relied on Jose Stevens, Ph.D at (505) 982-8732.

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