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    In my previous post I covered the first 2 of 8 limbs in the yoga sutras.

    Here is a very brief introduction of the other six.

    • Discipline of the body which includes posture, being disease-free, and feeling vital.
    • Control of the breath (pranayama) which aids concentration and in the form of Kriya yoga it becomes a very powerful process that accelerates the emergence of a wisdom inspired life.
    • Withdrawal of the senses from external objects is something that only happens in advanced spiritual practice and is greatly aided through the practice of Kriya yoga.
    • Concentration of the mind on a physical object like the sixth chakra is a great internal eight.
    • Steadfast meditation often using advanced concentration techniques allows the practitioner to deepen their practice to accelerate their progress.
    • Samadhi is a highly advanced spiritual state. There is conscious samadhi and superconscious samadhi.

    Page for page the yoga sutras just might be ¬†one of the most practical spiritual teachings available. The challenge, especially in the early stages of one’s journey, is going beyond the teachings just being knowledge. The challenges to relate to the teachings through your wisdom mine or intuitive inner knowing. When this connection is made, the practical value of the teachings is greatly magnified for great personal benefit.

    Richard Haasnoot

    January, 21 2013 in Arizona

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