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    Gary Zukav in his popular book The Dancing Wu Li Masters, An Overview of the New Physics, says, “Cells, under magnification, are revealed to be patterns of molecules. Molecules, under higher magnification, are discovered to be patterns of atoms, and, lastly, Adams have turned out to be patterns of subatomic particles. In other words, “matter” is actually a series of patterns out of focus. The search for the ultimate stuff of the universe and with the discovery that there isn’t any.”

    There are numerous other quantum physicists who all agree that there is nothing solid about matter. All of what we consider to be solid matter is really vibrating electromagnetic energy forming an image on the ether which creates a movie like image that we perceive with our eyes.

    I share this because the world of wisdom on many fronts opens us up to a world that is very, very different than the one we perceive through the lens of knowledge and our five senses. Those of us in the West need to take notice when our greatest scientific field, quantum physics, sees the world exactly as the great mystics and wise men and women who have been on the planet for centuries.

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