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    Somewhat early in my wisdom journey, I decided to travel to Esalen for a course in meditation and healing taught by Soygal Rinpoche, a person I had never heard about before attending his course.

    The first of four times studying with him began a significant life transformation. He completely redefined for me what a human being can be. I never understood that humans could be so wise, compassionate and joyful. When I say “completely redefined” I mean exactly that. The degree to which he was wiser, more compassionate and joyful than anyone I have ever known before was profoundly overwhelming. While I first started studying with him when he was not well known (about 20 people sitting on being bags listening attentively), today hundreds of people attend his single events and week long teachings around the world.

    By his own admission, this book represents some of the deepest and broadest Tibetan Buddhist teachings. For people with any interest in Tibetan Buddhism, this is a must read book. It has been translated into many languages and been a bestseller for years.

    While there are sacred texts available to us today, most were written decades ago and sometimes centuries ago. This text is very relevant and practical through wisdom insights based on one of the great spiritual traditions humanity has available to it today.


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