Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Part Two

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    The Law of Intention and Desire: intention is very powerful. Intention is the primary determinant of whether we create good or bad karma. The intention behind our actions is that powerful. As a result, an action towards another person that appears to be caring but is really manipulative and self-serving incurs negative karma.

    As Chopra says, “attention energizes, and intention transforms. Whatever you put your attention on will grow stronger in your life…… Intention, on the other hand, triggers transformation of energy and information. Intention organizes its fulfillment.”

    The Law of Purpose in Life: as he says, “you have a unique talent and a unique way of expressing it. There is something that you can do better than anyone else in the world.” Our purpose has three components. Each of us is here to discover our true Self, our Wise Self. Second, we are here to express our unique talents. Third, we are here to serve our fellow human beings.

    In my book, My Wisdom Inspired Life, I share my journey of discovering and living my purpose in life that is totally consistent with Chopra’s guidance.

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