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    In my most recent book, My Wisdom Inspired Life, in the first few chapters I share  the major role that psychics and channels played in the early stages of wisdom emerging into my life. The accuracy of what I heard when working with a channel or psychic was mind-boggling. It challenged so much about the sources of knowledge and insight. I was forced to concede that there was an “other worldly” source of knowledge and insight.

    While at first I was truly confused and even flabbergasted at the potential source for this knowledge and insight, I gradually came to understand that it was not the voice of God. It was the voice of various entities on the astral plane. The accuracy and insightfulness of the received feedback was a function of how high the source was in the astral plane and the quality of the connection made by the human I was working with. It required a significant amount of actual experience to find people who had a strong connection with high-level entities on the astral plane.

    If I had not had these experiences, it is not clear to me how much progress I would’ve made. Early on in my journey these experiences opened me up to sources of profound insight. Later in my journey I moved on from them to work with highly evolved spiritual masters like the Tibetan master Soygal Rinpoche and Yogananda of the Self Realization Fellowship.

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