Tremendous Bible Meaning

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    Every several years along my wisdom inspired journey, I would revisit the Christian Bible in an attempt to benefit from its great teachings. Each time, despite my best intentions and effort, I left a bit frustrated. I found the language difficult and the structure to be an obstacle many times. In addition, I was attempting to understand the tremendous wisdom insights from the Christian Bible from my clearly unenlightened life perspective.

    With this two-volume set, for the first time I gained tremendous benefit from the Bible’s insights. Yogananda, being a God realized master, provides a commentary that greatly expands upon the insights and practical guidance within key parts of the Bible. What a thrill it was for me to have this great Christian text ┬ábecome a source of wise insights and inspiration.

    Yogananda’s special connection with Jesus the Christ enables him to bring rare clarity to this great sacred text. In many places, controversial and confusing parts of the Bible now are crystal clear. For example, the interpretation of many Christians that the only path to salvation, enlightenment, or self-realization is through the Bible is clarified by Yogananda. This is only one of the few breakthrough understandings he brings to this powerful sacred text.

    Personally, I am forever grateful to yoga and under for this contribution!

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