Why This Book Is the Best Selling Autobiography of All Time

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    When Steve Jobs died, he had only one book on his iPad. It was this book. He read this book at least one time every year according to his biographer in his recent best-selling book.

    Yogananda passed in 1952, but every year this book remains as one of the best-selling books in the spiritual category.

    In my experience, this book introduces the greatest spiritual teacher of the last century. Told in his own words, his life experience connects us with a God realized master. His words have great energy and many people feel a strong connection to that energy. That connection enables us to deeply know the truth of his life and experiences.

    In addition to this great book, Yogananda left us with a great treasure of teachings in his own words, unedited in their original English meaning. Through his many books and extensive lessons, we learn the scientific spiritual practices that reconnect us with our true Self. His teachings are exceptionally practical guidance that can profoundly change anyone’s journey.

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