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    “Since it deals with the essence of things and not the things themselves, it is the intuitive apprehension of the truth apart from the reasoning ability, and the innate perception that can distinguish between the false and true, between the real and the unreal.”

    “Wisdom is the science of the spirit, just as knowledge is the science of matter. Knowledge is separative and objective, whilst wisdom is synthetic and subjective. Knowledge divides; wisdom unites. Knowledge differentiates while wisdom blends.”

    “Wisdom is the enlightened application of knowledge, through love, to the affairs of men.”

    “Wisdom, actuated and motivated by love, and intelligently applied to world problems, is much needed today, and is not yet to be found, except among the few illumined souls in every nation – in every nation I say, without exception. Many more must love with wisdom, and appreciate the group aspiration, before we shall see the next reality to be known and to emerge out of the darkness which we are now in the process of dispelling.”

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