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    The many volumes of the Ageless Wisdom represent one of the greatest contributions from the great masters sent by God to provide revelation that can help guide our wisdom journeys.

    This is a collaboration of a great Tibetan master with a highly evolved being, Alice Bailey. She transcribed the transmissions into more than 10,000 pages of profound insights.

    In many ways, I see these volumes as the science of spirituality. Our lives are all about energy which is governed by well defined and understood scientific and spiritual principles. Understanding these principles brings meaning, purpose, and direction to a wisdom inspired life.

    Having said that, be warned that this is not easy reading. Besides the unfamiliarity of the material for most people, the grammar can be daunting. Sentences can run on for a page or more. Language and terminology can be difficult to comprehend. It took me several times of reading key volumes to begin to benefit from its insights and appreciate the depth and breath of the contribution made by a great Tibetan master and Alice Bailey.

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